There will be six types of membership: ordinary member, senior member, life member, student member and fellows and intuitional member.

Any person, holding a bachelor degree conferred by an institution recognized by the Govt. of India and interested in the promotion of Operational Research, may become a member, provided he /she signs and delivers to the Society an application for admission to membership, addressed to the Hon. Secretary in such form as the Central Council may from time to time decide. Such application shall be accompanied by the appropriate dues as defined in the Schedule-A of the Constitution. 

However, a person will become a member only if his / her application is approved by the Central Council or by the Hon. Secretary authorized by the Central Council to do so. Similar procedure shall apply in case of Institutional membership and the person nominated to represent the institution has to be a bachelor degree holder.

The affiliation of a particular member to a specific Chapter / Headquarters shall be chosen by the member himself/herself.

Categories of Members

  1. The members referred to in the Constitution will be one of the three categories:(a) Individual, (b) Institutional, and (c) Overseas.
  1. Individual Members will be of five types: (a) Fellow, (b) Senior Member, (c) Life Member, (d) Member, and (e) Student Member. The entry will be as Life member / Member / Student Member.
  1. Fellow: A Senior Member will be considered for Fellowship by the Central Council of ORSI, if the following conditions are fulfilled.
  1. He / She is a senior member.
  2. He / She should have no financial dues to the Society at the time of his / her nomination.
  3. His / Her nomination should have been duly proposed and seconded by two Fellows / Senior Members of ORSI or initiated by the Central Council. Self-nominations does not make one ineligible, but generally not recommended. 
  4. He / She should have made outstanding contributions towards the promotion and development of Operational Research. The merit of the contributions will be assessed by a committee comprising a past President as Chairman and the Hon. Secretary as Convener. They are authorized to co-opt two experts (not necessarily members of ORSI). The recommendations of the Committee will be placed at a business session of the Central Council for approval or otherwise. The Committee shall meet in a suitable month before AGMevery year.
  5. His / Her Fellowship shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting, after acceptance by the Central Council.
  6. He has served the society as a member of national council, president of a chapter for at least 3 years. 
  7. The number of Fellows on the rolls of the Society at a point of time will not exceed 10% (five percent) of the total number of members. This limit does not include those members who have expired. Not more than 3 (three) Senior Members would be awarded Fellowship in a calendar year. The nomination for fellowship will remain valid for 3 (three) years. In case a nomination for a fellow member is considered in 3 year, it can be reconsidered after 5 years (or eight years after the year of first application) 
  • Senior Member: All life members holding continuous membership (life or regular) in good standing for the last five years will become Senior Members.
  • Life Member:
  1. An existing Member may become a Life Member on payment of usual dues.
  2. A person may be enrolled as Life Member on payment of usual dues if his / herapplication, submitted in the prescribed membership application form (ref. Appendix), is foundeligible to become a Member.
  3. Member: An individual can acquire membership of the Society provided:
  1. He / She files an application in the prescribed membership application form (ref. Appendix).
  2. He / She is at least a graduate from a recognized University / Institution.
  3. He / She is proposed by a Fellow / Senior Member / Member of the Society.
  4. Believes in the philosophy of informed decision making and theory and practice of operational research, Management Sciences, Analytics and Decision Sciences.
  • Student Member: An individual shall be enrolled as a Student Member if:
  1. He / She files an application in the prescribed membership application form (ref. Appendix).
  2. He / She is registered as a student in the Diploma course or any other course of ORSI.
  1. Institutional Member:
  1. All Institutions / Corporate Organizations interested in the promotion of Operational Research may enroll themselves as Member in either of the following two categories: i) Corporate Member and ii) Institutional Member
  • The Institution / Corporate Organization will be represented by an authorized representative, who will enjoy the similar rights and privileges as enjoyed by an Individual Member.
  • An Institutional Member can become corporate member on payment of usual dues.
  1. All overseas members shall be directly attached to the Parent Body.
  1. Dues of Members
  1. The membership dues of different categories of members of the Society are specified in Schedule A subject to such variation as may be decided from time to time by the Central Council of the Society. This amount should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer of the Society through Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Operational Research Society of India” payable at Kolkata.
  1. The dues of a new Member / Student member shall be the full dues even if he / she is enrolled at any time of the year and the subscription will remain valid up to 31st December of that year. The subscription will become due on 1st January next.
  1. Dues will have to be paid within two months of the beginning of a calendar year. Reminders will be sent to those members who fail to pay their dues within the above stipulated period. If however any member’s dues are not paid within four months from the beginning of the calendar year, the Central Council shall decide on further measures to be taken in this regard.
  1. Severance of Membership
  1. A member in good standing may resign by submitting a written resignation to the Hon. Secretary subject to the approval of the Central Council. A resigned member may resume his / her membership upon payment of current dues.
  1. If the dues of any member remain unpaid beyond a reasonable time, say one calendar year, his name shall be removed from the membership rolls after due notice.

A member whose conduct is deemed by the Central Council to be prejudicial to the interests and objectives of the Society may be dropped from the membership and any office held by him, by a two-third vote of the total membership of the Central Council, after the member has been notified at least twenty days in advance of the meeting as to the charges put against him, and has been given a fair opportunity to answer the charges in person, or in writing, or by an authorized representative.